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Five Benefits for Driving Beyond Year One

It’s the advice that many new CDL holders are given. Put in one year of professional truck driving with a carrier and then move on to the next. Well, we are here to debunk this unwritten rule (or at least put up a good fight) and give you five reasons why driving for a carrier beyond year one can be smart and favorable.  

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Top Four Reasons to Deliver with Dedicated

As the trucking industry continues to face a surging transportation demand, both carriers and clients can look to benefit from a “dedicated” fleet, which is a systems wherein trucks and drivers are hired only to run/work for a specific client. We’ve developed the top four reasons why clients should highly consider dedicated when it comes to delivering their goods.

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SmartTruck and Navajo Express Maintain a Proud Partnership

By working with reputable vendors, our equipment emphasizes fuel efficiency, quality diagnostics and, above all, safety. See what Kyle Wallace, Navajo’s Senior Director of Terminal Networks, has to say about our partnership with SmartTruck.

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