Five Benefits for Driving Beyond Year One

We are “myth busting” the idea that a professional driver should only stay at their first carrier one year

It’s the advice that many new CDL holders are given. Put in one year of professional truck driving with a carrier and then move on to the next. But why? What is it about this one year mark that has drivers jumping around?

Well, we are here to debunk this unwritten rule (or at least put up a good fight) and give you five reasons why driving for a carrier beyond year one can be smart and favorable.  

Company Trust and Understanding  

With a shortage of professional, motivated truck drivers there is the possibility of leaving a company and being seated with another fairly quickly. But, what many drivers don’t understand is that there is a period of adjustment whenever you start with a new carrier. Trust and understanding between a driver and carrier takes time to foster. Most importantly, the driver now has to develop a relationship with a new dispatcher. A driver and their dispatcher is a relationship where trust takes time to grow and gaining a dispatcher’s confidence can only be done with proven safety, respect and miles.

Many of our Navajo drivers in Indiana are familiar with the ConAgra regional route and earning great miles!

Many of our Navajo drivers in Indiana are familiar with the ConAgra regional route and earning great miles!

Pay and Benefits

Of course this is dependent on a company’s policies, but with tenure comes the prospect to advance pay and benefits. Whether it be an increase in salary, the opportunity to earn better bonuses or a rise in paid time off, the longer a driver is employed with a carrier the better chance they have to improve incentives. Not to mention, if a driver holds the reputation of “company jumping” their initial value to a carrier may be lower, leading to pay and benefits that may not meet one’s expectations.


With time, professional drivers develop a familiarity with a company’s culture, team members, shipper processes, warehouse personnel and lanes driven, especially with carriers who focus on regional and dedicated business. This comfort and understanding can lead to more loads given, quicker loading and unloading, efficient drive times and an overall positive career.

Experience Leads to Choice

Within the transportation and trucking industry, numbers speak. If a professional driver can prove himself as someone who drives the miles, delivers safely and delivers on time, they will be considered reliable and trusted. This in turn can lead to a driver being awarded loads and lanes that they desire.


When switching carriers, it may take time to start earning the miles and money a driver expects. Necessities such as orientation, driving record reviews and training can all take unforeseen time to complete. This can lead to a period of lower earnings and unfamiliar schedules.

Before switching lanes to another carrier, take the time to assess the advantages of developing a positive career and experience beyond year one. It could lead to these five favorable advantages!