Top Four Reasons to Deliver with Dedicated

Why carriers and clients are pushing for an increase in dedicated shipping services.

As the trucking industry continues to face a surging transportation demand, both carriers and clients can look to benefit from a “dedicated” fleet, which is a systems wherein trucks and drivers are hired only to run/work for a specific client. We’ve developed the top four reasons why clients should highly consider dedicated when it comes to delivering their goods.

The Power of Predictability

Dedicated offers predictability for both the carriers and client. When companies hire a dedicated fleet they are guaranteed trucks at a price they have previously agreed too, which is a plus when rates are regularly rising. For the carriers, they are given consistent, reliable routes that they are able to efficiently fulfill.   


Shipping Customization

A dedicated shipping service guarantees the client a fleet whose equipment and drivers are used solely for their needs. This assures clients that the equipment is tailored to their goods being delivered with a higher on time delivery rate.

Communication and Customer Service

By utilizing equipment, drivers and services all within a dedicated system, clients can expect improved communication as well as high levels of customer service. This is in part because both the shipper and client have developed a familiarized partnership with dedicated personnel.

Drivers Come First

A dedicated fleet typically gives truck drivers familiar, steady routes. Which means more home time, guaranteed miles and consistent work means consistent pay.

Navajo’s Dedicated Fleet

At Navajo, dedicated services is our expertise as it made up approximately 50% of our load counts in 2017. Our dedicated fleet services offer trustworthy, predictable routes for customers with regular needs. We take pride in our outstanding efficiency, expanded capacity, and peerless commitment to customer service. Highlights include team service, local pickup and delivery, hosteling services and potential revenue sharing. Give us a call today to discuss dedicated options!