Six Serious Benefits for Utilizing a 3PL

Working with a Third Party Logistics Company

“Should I use a 3PL?” It’s a question many companies continue to ask themselves. And to help make the decision a bit easier, we’ve developed our top six benefits that logistical services can bring to a business.

Time and Resources

In today’s market, many companies don’t have the time or the resources to focus on finding trucks to handle their shipments. A 3PL simplifies this process and opens up the opportunity for companies to redirect their efforts on other areas of success.

Our agent Joe hard at work! 

Our agent Joe hard at work! 

Shipment Solutions

Companies that run with assets only will at some point catch themselves in a bind. Whether it be a truck with a load rejected or a driver running out of hours, a 3PL is a reliable resource when these situations arise. By having access to numerous trucking companies and owner operators, 3PL’s can quickly asses and match freight to a carrier that can complete the load.

Supply vs. Demand

Plain and simple, there are more loads than trucks currently.  With a 3PL’s resources, expertise and technology, companies find that their loads are not only being covered effectively, but their on-time delivery services increase.

Quality Customer Service

3PL’s put their clients first. If a problem arises they are the first to jump in, problem solve and communicate issues/resolutions to the clients. They may not own the trucks, but by building relationships within the carrier network, a good 3PL delivers freight fulfillment that meets client’s shipment expectations.

Technology Keeping Clients Connected

It’s no surprise that companies want to know where their freight is and when it will be delivered. By working with a logistics team and their technology capabilities, clients receive current and relevant information, as well as speedy responses to quote inquiries.

Market Trends

A benefit of partnering with a 3PL is that they are able to identify price increases and decreases in the market. A 3PL should not only be educating their customers, but working with their carriers to recognize market trends. This is particularly important for companies with seasonal product who will experience a tighter freight network during peak months.

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