The Brilliance of Bendix

Navajo Employees Get a Look at the Bendix Brake Feature on our Trucks

Bendix, a feature on our Navajo trucks, provides two major purposes for our drivers and the motoring public and that’s to help prevent accidents and increase safety.

So what exactly is the Bendix feature? When the distance between a driver’s truck and the vehicle they’re following starts to close in, Bendix provides the truck driver distance alerts and, if necessary, will apply the brakes to help the driver potentially avoid the collision, or help reduce its severity. This greatly decreases the chances for rear-end collisions when Bendix has the ability to communicate quickly with the brakes and driver, especially in instances when a driver cannot react in time.

Recently, our employees got to put the Bendix system to the test and WOW were we impressed with how well it works. One of our employees took the video below. You will see that as one of our trucks creeps closer to the car in front, Bendix will initiate the brakes for the driver.

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