Five Tips for Staying Safe this Summer Season

Don't Let the Warm Weather Fool You. Be Prepared this Season to Avoid Incidents on the Road. 

Say goodbye to icy roads and winter weather conditions! Memorial Day is just around the corner, meaning the summer season and warm weather are finally here. However, the summer months can still present challenges for truck drivers. Practice the following tips to stay safe and avoid accidents throughout the season.


Stay Safe from the Sun

Although you may receive some shade from being inside your truck, summer is the season for trucker’s arm and all sorts of sun burns. Avoid the odd tan lines and burns by putting on adequate amounts of sunscreen, wearing long sleeves, and sunglasses are a must to avoid being victim to glare caused by sunlight reflection.

Traffic, Hazards and Holidays are Happening

From family road trips to work zones, during the summer months truck drivers should expect to see more drivers on the road, as well as an increase in potential hazards. According to AAA, more than 41.5 million people will be traveling for Memorial Day weekend. To avoid accidents be sure to stay alert, recognize your surroundings and check traffic conditions before getting on the road.

Be Watchful of Wild Weather

Weather during the summer months can only be described as one thing… unpredictable. Thunderstorms, floods and extreme heat can occasionally occur without warning. It’s imperative to check the weather forecast on your assigned route and be ready to weather the wild conditions.

Hydration is Key

You air conditioner may not always be the answer. Sweltering heat has the potential to bring on dehydration in a driver. Be sure to stock up on plenty of water bottles and recognize the signs of dehydration – headaches, cramps and dizziness.


Continuously Evaluate Equipment

Hot temperatures bring different wear and tear to a truck compared to the winter season. Be sure to check your brakes before hitting the road as higher temperatures can lead to breaks fading or losing friction. Also, be sure to regularly check tire pressure as blowouts are not uncommon during the season. Under-inflated tires increase the risk of experiencing a blowout.

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