The American Dream

Navajo Express Professional Driver Earns His United States Citizenship

Trucking can still be America’s dream job, at least that’s what Khalid Alkaabi believes. Khalid, a Navajo Express professional driver, migrated to the United States from Baghdad in 2015 to join his brother Abdul, his brother Hassan and his mother. Four years later and after hours of citizenship classes, Kalid took his oath and became a United States citizen. The ceremony was held at the courthouse in downtown Salt Lake City where Kalid was joined by 47 other people earning their citizenship and hailing from 24 different countries.

The ceremony commenced with local 2nd graders leading everyone in the pledge of allegiance and singing the National Anthem. The judge then welcomed the group to their new home and encouraged each of them to live up to their responsibilities as a U.S. citizen. To close out the ceremony, each individual swelled with pride as they offered their thoughts on what it means to be an American citizen and discussed their gratitude.

There to support Kalid was his brothers, mother, wife, daughter and Navajo Express employees. Abdul, also a Navajo Express driver, and their mother will begin their classes in September and earn their citizenship this fall.  

A true testament to Kalid’s dedication was that he wanted to be sure he had a load planned after the ceremony so he could get back on the road. We can’t thank Kalid enough for setting an example as to what it means to be a hard working American. A huge congratulations to Kalid!