Tax Deductible Expenses for Professional Truck Drivers

Expenses That Can Give Money Back to Professional Truck Drivers

Tax season is right around the corner with high hopes of keeping money, or putting more money, in one’s pocket. Don’t overlook these simple expenses that can increase tax refunds for professional drivers. Bring on the money!


Necessary to get the job done, these tools are a must on the road. It may not seem like much, but these smaller objects can add up!

·         Crowbar

·         Flashlight

·         Hammer

·         Pliers

·         Wrenches

Office Supplies

The driver’s seat is truly a professional driver’s desk chair. That means items as such can be deducted.

·         Log Books

·         Notebook Paper

·         Pens

·         Pencil

·         Clipboard


There are clothing items that are crucial when driving for a profession. The catch? The clothing articles can’t be adaptable to everyday wear, solely used when on the road.

·         Work Gloves

·         Safety Glasses

·         Safety Vest

·         Yak Traks

·         Thermals

·         Shower Shoes

Tractor Supplies

Seeing as a driver spends their working hours (and a lot of sleeping hours) in their truck, certain expenses are a necessity to make it comfortable and livable.

·         Bunk Heater

·         Fans

·         Cooler

·         Coffee Maker

·         Storage Bins and Hangers

·         Alarm Clock

·         Bedding

Cleaning Supplies

While on the road, it’s important for professional drivers to focus on hygiene and keep their truck clean. Which is why the following supplies are consider deductible.  

·         Trash Bags

·         Portable Vacuum

·         Window Cleaner

·         Paper Towels

·         Laundry Soap

·         Shampoo and Conditioner


Now that we have entered the ELD world of trucking and transportation, technology is important to complete the job of a professional truck driver.

·         Blue Tooth

·         Cellular Phone (minutes that are used for work, not for personal, are deductible)

·         Sirius XM Radio

·         GPS Units

Other expenses such as tolls, gas, parking and DOT physicals often come into question. These items are absolutely deductible, IF AND ONLY IF the employer does not reimburse for them.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “nothing is certain except tax and death”. But, we can make taxes a bit less painful by focusing on deducting these everyday expenses.