Back-to-School Special: 4 Tips for Safe and Smart Driving

With Safety as a Core Value, Navajo's Professional Truck Drivers are Ready for Another School Season. 

School is back in session! Gone are the days of lounging by the pool as we welcome another chaotic school year. Along with this change in season, comes a major change in driving behaviors and patterns. Whether a new CDL holder or a veteran in the industry, these top four tips will help keep you alert now that schools are open.  

Keep an Eye Out for Pedestrians

It’s no surprise that with the school year starting, drivers will begin to see more yellow buses, bikes and children walking to class. It’s important for drivers to be aware of the speed limits in school zones as there is more foot traffic in these residential area. Drivers must also come to a complete stop in crosswalks as children have a tendency to cross before looking both ways.  


New Drivers are Out There

A new school year brings new teen drivers to the road. Make sure to double and triple check blind spots and speed limits to give novice drivers the time and space they need to figure out their driving skills.

Decrease Distractions

With an increase in children walking or riding bikes to and from school, it’s important to eliminate distractions. The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety study shows in-vehicle glances as brief as two seconds can have a serious effect on a driver’s ability to notice an upcoming hazard. Put that cell phone down or wait to eat at the next rest stop in order to reduce risk.

There is Going to be More Traffic…Tons of it

Not only will the residential streets surrounding schools become crowded, but the freeways and major roads will also experience a higher traffic hit. Whether its parents dropping their children off at school or college students commuting to campus, the start of the school season brings a surge of traffic to the roads. With this, it’s important to account for longer travel time and potential changes to traffic conditions.

The school bells are ringing! So, be sure to study up on how to drive safe and smart during the school year.