Top Four Benefits Brought by Auxiliary Power Units

Driver Comfort Increased with APUs

As diesel fuel prices climb, anti-idle laws increase and environmental concerns continue, more and more carriers are turning to auxiliary power units (APUs) to bring an added efficiency and comfort to their drivers and fleets. As a user of APUs on our sleeper cab tractors, Navajo gives you the top four benefits APUs bring to our fleet of dedicated drivers.

Driver Comfort

After a day of driving, a truck driver pulls into a rest stop and is ready to re-energize and relax. As soon as they put their truck into park the APU takes over as the sleep cab’s main source of power. Without having to use the truck’s main engine, the APU offers the driver the full combination of air conditioning, heating, engine warming and truck battery monitoring/charging. Driver comfort accomplished!


Decreased Idling, Increased Green Efforts

According to Thermo King, a major supplier of APUs, approximately one gallon of diesel fuel is burned per hour of idle. With an APU, this number drops radically to .10 gallons an hour. As a SmartWay supporter and award recipient, Navajo recognizes the decrease in our carbon footprint and the increase in fuel savings provided by APUs.  

Reduced Maintenance

A typical over-the-road tractor will idle approximately 2,600 hours a week. When this is reduced by an APU, service intervals extend and the wear and tear on engines decreases dramatically. Bottom line, drivers spend more time on the road and less time in the shop – putting extra money in their pockets.

Regulation Compliance

As the need to idle drops, the risk of costly fines associated with anti-idling laws minimizes and staying within state compliance is more manageable. Again, keeping drivers on the road netting more miles.

And did you know??

APUs can be found in a variety of industries and structures such as jet fuel starters, emergency power units, airport equipment and spacecraft. Apparently the benefits reach out further than just trucking!

With our driver’s comfort in mind, Navajo recognizes the value that APUs bring to our fleet. To see what other truck features Navajo provides their drivers, visit our equipment page.