What to Pack in Your Truck for Winter Weather

Winter Tips and Tricks from Drivers to Drivers

Who better to learn from than experienced drivers? These winter essentials are what veteran Navajo Express drivers say are a MUST to keep in your truck during the winter season.


Sleeping Bag – holds in body heat better than regular blankets

Water – it’s important to stay hydrated in case you are stranded; keep a couple bottles in a few socks to keep them room temperature so your body doesn’t work as hard to warm the water

Peanut Butter – protein will keep your body energized and fuller

A Candle – even a small candle burning when your truck has no power will keep your truck warm enough so that you aren’t breathing frozen air

Cat Litter or Ice Melt – to put under tires if stuck or if you need traction

A Snow Shovel – to clear snow when needed

If you have any more winter essentials that you think are key, leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

Olivia YoungComment